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Photos from the Ninth Annual Genomic Science Program

Retreat, June 2012

Katie Clowers (GSTP trainee) presenting her poster.

GSTP trainees Alicia Richards, Deborah Muganda-Rippchen,

and Gloria Kreitinger (right) presenting her poster to

Retreat Speaker Rick DeRose (Syngenta).

GSTP Director David Schwartz with GSTP trainer and

retreat speakerChris Hittinger/

GSTP trainee Ashley Baltes presenting her poster; GSTP

trainer John Pool (left).

Grace Wahba (GSTP trainer) at Shane Hubler's poster.

Retreat Speaker Rick DeRose and GSTP trainer Michael


GSTP trainer and retreat speaker Sushmita Roy (center).

GSTP trainee Juan Rodriguez-Molina (right) presenting

his poster.

GSTP postdoctoral trainee Jon Whitmer discussing his

poster with former trainee Dan Abras.

GSTP postdoctoral trainee John Zaborske discussing his poster

with GSTP trainer Brian Yandell.

GSTP trainee Julia Kennedy-Darling presenting her poster.

Kristy Kounovsky-Shafer presenting her poster.

Photos from the Eighth Annual Genomic Science Program

Retreat, June 2011

Keynote Speaker John Wiley and GSTP Director David


Retreat speaker Jian Ma (Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

and GSTP trainer Brian Yandell.

GSTP postdoctoral trainee Jose Rodriguez-Martinez and

Aditya Gupta.

GSTP trainees Juan Rodriguez-Molina and Mary-Kate Bonner.

GSTP postdoctoral trainee Leslie Turner presenting her poster.

GSTP trainee Gloria Kreitinger discussing her poster with

Bo Li.

Photos from the Seventh Annual Genomic Science Program

Retreat, June 2010

David Schwartz (GSTP Program Director) and Mark Burkhard (speaker; Dept. of Medicine)

Gordon Freeman (GSTP predoctoral trainee, right) presenting his poster.

Kelli Kline (GSTP postdoctoral trainee, Biochemistry) presenting her poster.

Mary Kate Bonner (GSTP predoctoral trainee, Genetics) presenting her poster.

Tim Schramm (GSTP predoctoral trainee, Chemistry) presenting.

GSTP Faculty Ahna Skop (Laboratory of Genetics) has been awarded an NSF Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, described in the NSF Press Release:


This Presidential award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on scientists and engineers early on in their independent careers.

Photos from the Fourth Annual Genomic Science Program

Retreat, June 2007

David Schwartz, Conrad Gilliam

David Schwartz (Chemisty, Genetics), left; keynote speaker

Conrad Gilliam (Univ. of Chicago)


Adel Talaat, Joshua Tietjen

Josh Teitjen (right) presenting a poster to Prof. Adel Talaat (left).

Leslie Donato presenting
Leslie Donato presenting her poster.

Dan Abras

Dan Abras discussing his poster with Dan McFarlin and

Prof. David Page.

Herschleb, Bassetti, Negrete

GSTP trainees Jill Herschleb, Michael Bassetti, and Omar Negrete

GSTP Retreat Poster Session 07
Poster presentations at the 2007 GSTP Retreat.

Ahna Skop, Nick Shera

Nick Shera (right) at his poster with Prof. Ahna Skop (speaker), top left.


Photos from the May, 2006 GSTP Annual Retreat


Jim Crow; Maynard Olson
Jim Crow (Genetics), left; Jonathan Pritchard (center; Univ. of Chicago) and Maynard Olson (Univ. of Washington), right, at the Third Annual Retreat.

Audrey Gasch; Mike Bentn

Michael Benton (right) presenting a poster to Audrey Gasch (left).

AdelTalaat; Shiguo Zhou
Adel Talaat (center) and Shiguo Zhou at S. Zhou's poster.

Ryan Hilger; Josh Coon
Ryan Hilger presenting a poster to Prof. Josh Coon.

Adriana Alejandro-Osorio
Adriana Alejandro-Osorio presenting her poster.

Ian Lewis; Lloyd Smith

Ian Lewis and Lloyd Smith

Nick Shera; Bento Soares

Nick Shera (left) discussing his poster M. Bento Soares (speaker)

Maynard Olson; Jim Crow

Jim Crow (Genetics), left; Maynard Olson (center; Univ. of Washington), and Jonathan Pritchard (right; Univ. of Chi.).


Jennifer Apodaca
GSTP fellow Jennifer Apodaca presenting her poster.

Photos from the June, 2005 GSTP Annual Retreat

Poster Session-1
GSTP fellows Dan McFarlin (2nd from left) and Ian Lewis (right)

presenting posters at the 2nd annual GSTP Retreat.

Poster Session-2
Mark Berres, a GSTP postdoctoral fellow (left) presenting a poster on

quantum dot bioconjugates as reporters in microarray assays.

Poster Session-3
Jill Herschleb, a GSTP predoctoral trainee (right), presenting a poster on mammalian genome assembly based on single molecule maps.

GSTP Retreat Poster-3
Prof. Josh Coon, Dalia Dhingra, Prof. Audrey Gasch, and Brian Teague.


GSTP Retreat Poster-4
Adriana Alejandro-Osorio, Prof. Bret Payseur, and Sandra Splinter Bondurant

GSTP Retreat Poster-5

Prof. Nicole Perna and Kristin Stauffer

GSTP Retreat Poster-6

Michael Bassetti (center) presenting a poster.

GSTP Retreat Poster-7

Thomas Knotts (center) at the poster session.

GSTP Annual Retreat 2004 - Photos

Photos from the June, 2004 GSTP Annual Retreat

GSTP Retr-RBrent disc
Roger Brent discussing with a UW student; George Phillips

GSTP retreat poster session2
Tommy Knotts, Dalia Dhingra, and Josh Mandir

GSTP retreat photo-disc
James Thomson, John Markley, Nicole Perna, Bryan Biehl, Eric Cabot, and Guy Plunkett

GSTP Retreat poster session3
Susan Reslewic and Ahna Skop

GSTP poster session
Aaron Darling, Elenita Kanin, and Louise Pape

GSTP retreat poster session4

Gene Ananiev, Lloyd Smith, Matt Robison, and Franco Cerrina

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