Genome Center/ Biotechnology Center

Faculty Advisor: Audrey P. Gasch


Yeast cells are constantly changing their gene expression mechanisms in order to efectively respond to fluctuations in stresses; varying from low nutrient availability, rapid temperature change as well as exposure to drugs, and each stress induces a specific response critical for the cell’s survival. My research will investigate specific mechanisms that the budding yeast, S. cerevisiae, uses to coordinate the precise change in genomic expression responding to stress. We predict that chromatin-remodeling proteins regulate stress-dependent gene expression in yeast. I will investigate whether mutatnts in chromatin-remodeling proteins are sensitive to different environmental stresses. In addition, I will characterize gene experssion in chromatin remodeling mutants on a genome-wide scale. I will identify genes whose expression i dependent on specific chromatin remodeling proteins to test our hypothesis that stress related genes are regulated by changes in chromatin state.

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Paolo P. Provenzano, Adriana L. Alejandro-Osorio, Wilmot B. Valhmu, Kristina T. Jensen and Ray Vanderby, Jr., “Intrinsic fibroblast-mediated remodeling of damaged collagenous matrices in vivo”, Matrix Biology, In Press.