Postdoctorate Program Overview

The GSTP postdoctoral traineeships are open to trainees who will work with GSTP trainers as mentors.

The postdoctoral traineeships, awarded for a one or two-year period, must take place at UW-Madison.

Traineeships are limited to candidates with six years or less of postdoctoral experience.

No individual trainee may receive more than 3 years of support at the postdoctoral level, including any combination of support from institutional training grants and individual fellowship awards.

Predoctoral trainees must be U.S. citizens or hold permanent resident status.

How to Apply

  • Contact Dr. Louise Pape via email ( to obtain deadline date prior to submitting application.
  • Complete Postdoctoral Traineeship application form. [PDF]

If you are selected for an interview, you will make a presentation to the GSTP Trainee Advisory Committee as part of the selection process. The Genomic Sciences Training Grant Program will cover travel expenses.