Lia Serrano

Chemistry Graduate Program

Faculty Advisor: Joshua Coon


Lia Serrano’s research is focused on development of a mass spectrometry-based proteomic strategy to enable protein level analysis of genomic variation and RNA editing.

Auguste Dutcher


Genetics Graduate Program

Faculty Advisor: Audrey Gasch


Auguste Dutcher’s research focuses on identifying Ssd1-medicated processes via a comprehensive screen of genetic interactions. Ssd1, a pleiotropic RNA binding protein, has been found by the lab to enable wild yeast to tolerate extra chromsomes.

Sarah Boutom

Biomedical Engineering PhD Program

Faculty Advisor: Sean Palecek


Sarah Boutom’s research focuses on elucidating the relationship of hypoxia-mediated signaling with known and undiscovered pathways important in specification of the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier, which separates the systemic circulation from tissue of the central nervous system, is known to be disrupted in several neurologic disease processes and is a major limiting factor in delivery of pharmacologic therapies to the brain.

Andrew Lynch

Brad Anderson

Daniel A. Abras